Welcome to the California Crime Abatement Team (CCAT) reporting page presented by SilverTrac Software. Using SilverTrac Software, CCAT can receive and respond to security issues in real-time by using a smartphone or tablet.

All reported issues are time-stamped and assigned an issue ID number. These devices allow CCAT personnel to create a real-time report that are automatically compiled and sent out on a set schedule.
Clients of CCAT have the ability to view and monitor all created issues with photos, notes and audio files created by CCAT personnel within seconds of their creation.

All this information can be accessed through the Silvertrac “Issue Monitor”. All clients have the capability to view the Issue Monitor from anywhere in the world (with Internet access), 24 hours a day. For more information about Silvertrac Software or California Crime Abatement Team, contact your account manager today."

California Crime Abatement Team (CCAT)

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